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Manufacturers’ Negligence Prompts Deadly Infections In Washington and California.

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At least 32 people in a two-year-period were infected while under treatment at a Seattle hospital. According to Reuters, the infection is directly associated with a drug-resistant superbug that has spread through contaminated medical scopes.

The contamination may have spread because the manufacturers’ recommended cleaning practices did not get the job done, experts say.

The negligence that may have caused thirty-two patients to experience infections between 2012 and 2014 may have also led to the death of at least eleven patients. According to official reports, the drug-resistant bugs associated with this outbreak includes the rare Carbapenenm-resistant enterobacteriaceae. A senior official at Public Health – Seattle & King County claims this bug is highly resistant to antibiotics, which made the healing process nearly impossible for many.

Endoscopes Linked to Super Bug Outbreak In Seattle

The bacteria may have spread from one patient to the next via endoscopes. These devices are used to treat liver and pancreatic illnesses. Each year, U.S. hospitals use these devices for thousands of procedures.

The government’s recommended cleaning procedures matches the manufacturers’. While the guidelines were reportedly followed at all times, they did not prevent infections. According to the Virginia Mason Medical Center, this could be a problem that would spread nationwide if we do not tackle it right away.

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CRE is a Deadly Infection

Experts say that the manufacturer’s lack of attention to the potential for contamination may have allowed the rare Carbapenenm-resistant enterobacteriaceae to expose dozens of vulnerable patients to deadly infections.

The origin of the infections was only discovered after months of investigations. Since the origin of the infection was identified, reports claim hospitals have instituted a rigorous decontamination process. The new process goes beyond what the federal government recommends.

Manufacturers behind the production of the scopes used in the endoscopes include Pentax, Fujifilm, and Olympus. Despite the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the companies’ disinfection recommendations, they failed to secure patients were not being exposed to infection.

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